Sand Blaster Bait Caster Instruction

The Sand Blaster Bait Caster is a completely registered and patented stainless steel casting system that uses compressed air to launch your bait off shore. Our unique patented plastic bait mold and patented lead sinker design is the key. The bait molds are made of durable plastic an act like an ice cube tray that allows you to freeze your weight and bait all in one. By doing so you eliminate casting your bait off, this also reduces knots in your line.

When the bait enters the water the ice melts and the weight and bait separate.  Within a matter of 30 seconds after your bait hits the water your fishing! The SBBC can cast  a wide range of weight sizes and is capable of holding a large quality bait. We’ve taken everything that frustrates you about surfing and eliminated it.

  • No more throwing over the other guy’s line. Now you just point it where you want it to go.
  • No more playing with bait on the beach.
  • No more throwing your bait off because your trying so hard to get it past the break.
  • No more watching those schools of fish swim just out of your casting distance.
  • No more wading in the ocean to get those extra couple of meters.

Loading “Sand Blaster Bait Molds”

The molds are made of strong, durable plastic that will withstand extreme dry ice conditions.  The molds allow you to achieve distances of 300 meters due to their unique weight forward design.

This video lets you in on a few good tips to ensure you get maximum distance while operating the
“Sand Blaster Bait Caster!”…..

Reach the area you used to only dream about…all from the shore.

Bunker UP!

Shock Leader Assembly

This is a 90lb. coated stainless leader that takes the shock of the bait being launched by Bunker Up Fishin’s “Sand Blaster.”  It also gives you that extra strength when fighting large fish…especially big sharks!  You can purchase all shock leader material through the “products” link on our website.  Take a look!

Bait Rig Assembly

A short video to explain the assembly of the Bunker Up Fishin rig. You can purchase complete rigs on our site or you can watch this video, buy our BUF sinkers and make them yourself.  A lot of fisherman like to make their own rigs, so we thought this video would help them see exactly how we do it here at Bunker UP!

It also gives you peace of mind when fishing at night due to the fact that you don’t have to wonder if your bait flew off. Many surf fishermen have the ability to cast over 100 meters. but very few can achieve that distance with heavy weight and large bait. The SBBC is capable of casting sinkers weighing between 4 to 20 OZ., including the weight of your bait, up to 300 meters or more, which allows you to hold bottom even in the most serious surf conditions. I prided myself on being a very good surf caster, but since inventing the SBBC I’ve swallowed my pride!

Most of all, our system produces more bites and bigger fish. The SBBC can be set up in a matter of minutes by even a novice fisherman. Within ten minutes it is now possible to have three big baits of shore with very little effort. I promise you that once you cast your bait out with our unique SBBC, you will forever enjoy fishing with it. Now you only need a 7ft. fishing rod with large eyelets, which is lighter and makes it much easier to land your fish.

Lastly, I’d like to add that after casting the SBBC thousands of times, I still hoot and holler like it’s my first time. The SBBC turns an ordinary day at the beach into a fishin’ mission! It’s a blast, so come join the BUF team and have some fun.

Conditions of Use

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SandBlaster BaitCaster Operation

Having premade and frozen your baits in the bait molds
Place in chillibin upright, covered with salt ice ( preferably)

When You get to your fishing spot

Assemble the legs, rod holder and Barrel support
Insert and screw in Barrel
Fasten Velcro strap on barrel support around barrel
ensure valve handle is in closed position.
Remove bait mold from chillibin
Compress chamber to maximum 8 bar
Allow bait in mold to thaw for a few minutes to ease extraction
Place rod in rod holder ( with shock leader attached )
Spray all braid on spool liberally with water ( only required for first cast of each fishing mission)
Open Bail arm on reel
Attach leader to baitsicle and remove from mold
Insert baitsicle into barrel – swivel first
Push baitsicle to base of Barrel
Check safe to launch
Pull out safety pin / knob and drop handle as fast as possible
Wait for line to stop spooling out, close bail arm, reel in slack
Place in rod holder……’re fishin….